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Mediation & Arbitration


Mediation of Orphans’ Court and Fiduciary Matters

Sensitive matters – particularly family disputes – can often be resolved outside of the formal, public, and (often) costly litigation process. In mediation, a neutral mediator facilitates or guides involved parties to resolve their conflict without the expense, delay, and uncertainty of litigation.

With the addition of the Honorable Stanley Ott (Ret.) to our ranks, Mannion Prior is well-equipped to mediate disputes involving wills, trusts, fees and commissions, and other Orphans’ Court matters. Judge Ott’s affable manner, deep knowledge of trust and estate law and judicial temperament are ideally suited to helping you avoid the expense and loss of privacy that accompany public litigation. Additionally, Mannion Prior attorneys Karl Prior and Obadiah English are certified mediators whose fiduciary litigation experience provides them with the credibility necessary to facilitate dispute resolution.


Arbitration is a form of private dispute resolution in which the parties agree to procedure, but in which an Arbitrator makes a final decision. The process can be as formal or informal as the parties agree, including the taking of testimony and/or the submission of documents.   

The Honorable Stanley R. Ott (Ret.) served as an Orphans’ Court judge for over 30 years and is extremely capable of arbitrating your dispute, including will contests, trust and will interpretation matters, and trustee and beneficiary conflicts. Mannion Prior supports Judge Ott with the firm's substantial resources including our staff of attorneys available to assist in research or serve as co-Arbitrators