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Where to Eat Vietnamese Food in Philly

Philadelphia ranks in the top 10 on the list of U.S. cities with the largest Vietnamese-American populations. But that’s old news to any Philadelphian who has enjoyed a pâté and headcheese-filled banh mi (known around these parts as a Vietnamese hoagie) or a hangover-slaying bowl of pho. This Southeast Asian cuisine has been a longtime favorite in Philly, from the strip malls on Washington Avenue to the mom and pop storefronts of Kensington and Olney, and over the bridge in South Jersey.

  1.  Cafe Mi Quang

This cheap and cheerful Kensington restaurant plays all of the hits with a menu of classics, all coming in at $10 and under. In addition to banh mi, pho, and rice plates, the house special here (and name of the cafe) is a noodle dish hailing from the central part of the country made with a turmeric-infused broth and fresh herbs and finished with ground peanuts and toasted sesame rice crackers.


2. Thang Long

Phở gà (chicken pho) is the go-to at this barebones soup spot under the El. It’s accompanied by the usual suspects (lime wedges, bean sprouts, and basil) as well as a small ramekin of a fiery dip made of salt, black pepper, and sliced habanero.


3. Banh Mi and Bottles

There are a few Saigon-inspired restaurants in the city with full bars and kitschy tiki cocktails, but nothing that compares to the bar program at this modern Vietnamese kitchen and bottle shop. Here fun bar bites like tamarind wings and scallion corn are paired with Hanoi Pimm’s Cups and refillable coconuts of Wild Turkey 101, amaro, and lime.

3:43 p.m. | July 11, 2019

Kate Ryan